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Bristol Means Business - 2015 Annual Report

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BRISTOL MEANS BUSINESS One hundred and sixty years ago Bristol Tennessee was born. Hard-working people came to settle our city with bold and inspired ideas and dreams. To know where we are going we must know where we have come from. We must understand and acknowledge the Bristol that we cherish today would have never come to be, were it not for the combination of people and initiatives that have come before us. Previous great Mayors and City Councils who had the vision that has transformed us from the agricultural area we once were to the true business and retail hub we are today. There were those who saw the need for building infrastructure for business and bridges between people; those who helped in the creation of so many of our public projects like the modernization of our airport, roads and downtown revitalization; those who assisted with bringing unprecedented private investments to our city and introduced Bristol Tennessee to the world stage, and others who assured many that success could come from business pursuits in Bristol Tennessee. To the current council who works to ensure that the region, state, nation and world knows that Bristol is open for business. Those same leaders have helped build a city of business opportunity where a barrier that may be encountered is not seen as the end of a dream, but rather an obstacle we assist in overcoming; a city where public works and good works go hand in hand with private investment and professional city services. It is our responsibility to create a culture within our local government where the city enables business to rapidly respond to opportunity. We must recognize that creating a culture that is conducive for responsible economic development is a paramount function of city government. We will make sure that the women and men who have visions of opportunity have partners in the City of Bristol Tennessee. It is these people of vision who will employ our citizens, open new markets and take Bristol to new heights. We will have the best and brightest among us join the dedicated public servants of our city to work with businesses to develop the next engines that will fuel our city for decades to come. We will stand steadfast in our determination to see this beautiful area of ours continue to boldly grow. Along the way, many brave and bright men and women have paved the way for us to be where we are today. I am still humbled by the opportunity to serve as Mayor of this great city. I am energized each day to tackle whatever may come in order to keep our city moving forward. Our community is resourceful and resilient. The people are tough and innovative by nature. Please take some time and review the data collected for your assessment. I think you will be pleased to see that together as a community what we can accomplish. Sincerely, Lea Powers Mayor

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