A Balanced Budget for the Coming Fiscal Year

May 29, 2015 Bill Sorah

For the past few weeks staff has been working intensely developing a balanced budget for the coming fiscal year. We evaluated all our resources and identified each opportunity to reallocate and realign as warranted.  We looked closely at every department, project and need in the rigorous  process.


The FY 2016 Budget reflects total expenditures of $55,617,726, a decrease of almost 2 million dollars or 3.4% decrease from FY 2015. This number does not include funding for Bristol Tennessee City Schools.


As part of keeping our community informed, we took the budget message and details on the road this year.  Through newly instituted community meetings known as “Bristol Exchange”, staff met with members of the community and presented the budget in an informal setting at our five elementary schools. 


During these meetings staff talked about how this year’s budget continues to provide the high level of service our community has come to expect while also finding ways to fund high priority areas without a tax increase.


The development of the budget is one of the most complex projects undertaken annually by the staff and I am grateful for the roles they played in the process.  City Council must be commended for its vision and leadership in moving the budget process forward and for providing the requisite resources to meet the current and long-term goals and objectives of the City.


For a closer look at the proposed budget look under the “FY 2016 City of Bristol TN Proposed Budget” tab on the front page of our website.

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